About Us

Who We Are

Youth Maritime Collaborative is comprised of members from the Port of Seattle, regional maritime organizations, youth programs, industry leaders, education programs, and local government agencies. As a team, the Collaborative works to create career pathways for youth pursuing careers in the maritime industry.

What We Do

Youth Maritime Collaborative is committed to guiding today’s youth toward maritime-related careers. Through experiential events and high school internships, the Collaborative works to connect companies with the next generation of skilled workers.

Our Partners
Company Collaboration

We’re always looking for great companies and industry leaders to help us improve maritime career pathways for students. Here are the many ways you can join the Collaborative:

  • Host a high school intern

  • Provide a tour of your facility

  • Serve on an outreach panel

  • Sponsor an experiential event

  • Allow a student to job shadow you

  • Provide a field trip to a group of interns

  • Represent your company at a high school career fair

  • Provide a service-learning project for high school volunteers

  • Participate in one of our experiential events as an exhibitor

‚ÄčIf interested in participating or suggesting a different way you’d like to get involved, visit our contact page.


Email: info@maritimeblue.org

Youth Maritime Collaborative

Where Opportunity Sets Afloat

Guiding youth toward adventurous careers in the maritime industry through paid internships, experiential learning events, and thoughtful career exploration with a specific focus on equity and inclusivity.

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