Xavier Smith | Jul 23, 2021 | 2 min read

Opportunities in Maritime

I was very honored to be able to hear from Buki Hough and her insight on how she works in the maritime industry. She explained that she was one of the only women of color in her field and how it is quite intimidating but also very empowering. Her story started off with how she got into the maritime industry in the first place. She talked about an interview that she had for a maritime job and when it came to the question of how much experience she had in maritime prior she answered close to none.

Although she had little experience in maritime prior she was still able to snag the job due to her degrees in communication and business. When I heard that from her, I was greatly inspired to pursue a career in maritime because it opened my eyes to see that you don’t always need to be out on the sea and all hands-on to have a good job in the maritime industry.

As an aspiring business student in Running Start, I’m still reviewing the possible career opportunities that could be in my future as I pursue my degree. I would love to work in maritime but I didn’t see myself being on the ocean and doing a lot of hard labor. Buki opened up a whole new idea to me on how I can pursue a career in the maritime time industry and enjoy the work that I do there. I was able to ask a few questions that I had about how I would be able to apply my business degree into maritime and she was very helpful in providing me with the best answers I could get to my questions. I was very happy with the opportunity and would love to talk more to Buki in the future.

Connect with Buki Hough!

Instagram: @melanatedmariners
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Email: info@maritimeblue.org

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