Boat, Shipbuilding, and Repair

What is it?
Shipbuilding and repair is the design, engineering, and construction of new vessels as well as the repair of vessels needing rehabilitation. Shipyards are where ships are built and repaired, for example, cargo ships, cruise ships, ferries, yachts, military vessels, etc.

What jobs make up the sector:

  • Rigger (set up or repair rigging for construction projects)
  • Ship Fitter (lay out materials for manufacturing)

  • Painter or Construction Laborer

  • Welder, Plumber, Electrician, Machinist, or Diesel Mechanic

  • CNC Operator (operate computer-controlled machines)

  • Marine Engineer (design and evaluate marine vessels

Marinas & Yards
  • General Manager

  • Yacht Marine Mechanic & Assistants

  • Engine Technician

  • Yacht Painter & Assistants

  • Yacht Detailer

  • Yard Manager, Assistants & Yard Help

  • Yard Detailer/Painter

  • Marina Yard Worker

  • Outboard Technician

  • Lift Operator

  • Dockmaster

  • Assistant Dockmaster

  • Boat Hauler / General Yard Worker

[Source: Salty Jobs]

Manufacturing & Repair
  • Marine Electrician

  • Marine Mechanic

  • Welder – Steel and Aluminum

  • Welder – Robotic Processes

  • Ship Fitter

  • Systems Technician

  • Electronics Technician

  • Propulsion – Diesel & Gasoline Systems Technician

  • Corrosion Technician

  • Marine HVAC Technician

  • Coatings Technician

  • Marine Carpenter

  • Composites Technician – Repair & Production

  • Electro-Mechanical Technician

  • ROV Technician

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